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Mobile Solution

M.O.S.T. (Multimedia Ongoing Skills Training)

The M.O.S.T. Program is a proprietary eLearning program that divides up the content delivered in sales workshops and pushes it back out to the sales organization on a weekly basis in small five minute divides, making it easy for even the busiest sales professional.

It is proven that for training to be successful, it has to be repetitive and consistently reinforced throughout a salesperson’s career. Much like an elite athlete would train throughout his or her athletic career, for training to be successful throughout a sales professional’s career training must be:

  • FOCUSED on one aspect of the “game” at a time
  • SUPPORTED by a coach


  • Monday 5 Minute Watch @ Work Videos
  • Self-paced email reminders and exercises
  • Manager Reinforcement

Strive for great performance!


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