Methods In Motion Telephone Sales Skills
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Inside Sales

This full Inside Sales Program teaches the telephone sales process from the initial prospecting call to closing and gaining repeat business. Representatives will learn a step by step telephone sales process and learn how to make their conversations feel completely natural while using a proven process.

*The program is tailored to both inbound and outbound selling environments.

Objectives of the program:

Existing Inside Sales Team
  • Fine-tune current “scripting” and improve the calling process used by Inside Sales Representatives.

  • Practice and perfect the opening to calls and getting past the first critical point in every telephone call. Openings are tailored to both cold calls and calling to grow existing accounts.

  • Dramatically improve questioning skills.

  • Explore the difference between “need” versus “do” based selling.

  • Develop the skills and calling plan necessary to avoid ever calling to “Check In.”

  • Help representatives ask the “right” questions in order to establish a “Next Step" or
    come to an agreement.

  • Help with up selling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Establish a proactive versus reactive culture in a consultative manner.

  • Understand the current level of their client relationships and design a way to
    improve that level.

  • Move successfully through the process toward closure identifying quickly who is and who is not “playing ball.”

  • Ensure retention through a final role play competition.

Inside Sales Team Development

Developing an Inside Sales Model

For organizations using an inside sales team to gain new business, Methods in Motion will provide a proven step by step selling and managing process that will be completely customized to each client. A tailored play book will be designed to help the team acquire more business using the phone in their selling environment. Managers will be provided coaching strategies to help implement and execute the process.

  • Assistance with your hiring process to help qualify the strongest candidates.

  • Full development of inside sales training materials; including scripting and follow up emails.

  • Mixture of onsite and webinar follow up training to develop good sales habits from
    Day 1.

  • Inside Sales Training and polishing telephone skills (All items trained that are listed
    for “Existing Inside Sales Team”)

  • Inside Sales Coaching; The Daily, Weekly and Monthly essentials to inside sales management.

  • Remote call evaluation and feedback.