Methods In Motion Marisa Pensa
"Wow! Our benefits consulting firm was looking for a sales and marketing company to help us better connect with our clients and prospects. After interviewing multiple firms, we selected Methods in Motion. I can’t say enough about Marisa and her team. She exceeded our expectations and the content was great. She connected with everyone on a personal level and we all walked away with valuable tools that will not only help with our business but in life as well. I highly recommend Methods in Motion."
Ed Hodgson, Senior Managing Partner, Synergy Benefits

"In October of 2013, our CEO told me we were going to start an inside sales department and asked me to start to build that department. I was charged with going out and learning how to do and that’s what I did.

I spent about 6 months figuring out how to do it and got about 45-50% of the way and then we found Methods in Motion. They showed me everything else I needed and did it exactly how I would have done it and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so thankful we found Methods in Motion and our department would not be what it is today without their guidance and help!
Mike Ross, Business Development Manager, Warehouse Direct

"Professional, effective, experienced - three words that quickly come to mind when I think about Marisa.  Our "sales engine" is significantly better because of her and I continue to seek her input and expertise to enhance our efforts.  If you are looking to jump start your sales engines you would do well to use her."
Jim Karle, CEO, Corporate Business Solutions

..."Thank you for your unselfish investment of time and energy for the Center for Professional Selling and the Sales Program here at Kennesaw State University. Our students have gained a great skill set in the area of telephone sales that fills a gap in our program.

Without exception, our students give your sessions the highest reviews. Both your presentation and ability to hold their attention contributes and has contributed greatly to their education in professional sales. As I have witnessed your sessions you are engaging and have been a tremendous asset to our program…. I consider you a valuable Partner to our program and greatly appreciate your support and on-going contribution to the lives and careers of our students and faculty.
Terry W. Loe, Ph.D., Director, Center for Professional Selling, Kennesaw State University

"With the help of INDEPENDENT DEALER columnist Marisa Pensa of sales training company Methods in Motion, Chip took retail store manager Rhonda Pruett and re-directed some of her time towards an inside sales effort.

Rhonda spent about a month working with Methods in Motion trainers on her prospecting calls and even though she had no previous sales experience, she secured 12 new accounts for the dealershipin just the first 45 days."
Chip Keller, President, Keller Office Supply

“Our Call Center Managers have always been required to monitor their team’s sales calls, but it was not being done consistently. .

One of our goals this year was to greatly improve our monitoring efforts. After implementing the call monitoring and coaching recommendations from the Methods in Motion managers training program, I now have 100% compliance from my Managers and increased productivity from our sales teams as a result of those coaching sessions. The Methods in Motion Monitoring/Coaching Program has been able to help my Managers schedule the time with their associates, as well as make monitoring a priority. Marisa worked closely with myself and my counterpart in the call center to develop a training program specific to our telesales management teams. The program ties together the Methods in Motion new hire training program and the management coaching program.

Additionally, we continue to utilize Methods in Motion as an integral part of our new hire training program to ensure our new hires receive quality telephone skills training early in their sales careers. I am happy to recommend Marisa and Methods in Motion for anyone looking to increase the quality of telephone calls and improve the effectiveness that Managers have coaching their teams.”

Deborah Frascella, Call Center Director, Airgas Safety.

"I am happy to recommend Marisa and her team at Methods in Motion. We have been working together for a year now, and our processes together continue to trend up from Day1. We started our inside sales from the ground up with her team, if we had not had their support and expertise, this program would not gotten off the ground. With this partnership, our inside sales is well oiled for continuous growth in our market and expanding into others."
Shane Roach, Owner, Mister Paper Business Products

“Glory USA, Inc. has used Methods in Motion for the last couple of years to help us improve how we manage the pipeline and help our salespeople set more appointments at the Executive level. Late last year, Marisa brought to our Management Team's attention a reinforcement program called M.O.S.T. …The content is definitely in sync with what we need to hear and the monthly quizzes allow me to hold my team accountable. Personally, I like that the program is ongoing--a constant reinforcement. …I have little doubt that this program has helped the majority of our salespeople secure a few extra appointments each month, which makes M.O.S.T. easily cost justifiable for us.”
Larry T. Sellers, Eastern Region Sales Manager Banking Group, Glory (USA), Inc.

“I attribute to much of the success my past Inside Sales teams experienced to Methods in Motion. Marisa Pensa trained our fast-growing team of 60+ Inside Sales reps when I was District Sales Manager at Lonesource (later acquired by Staples). As Director of Sales at Campus Special (later acquired by Chegg), I brought her on to build our team of around 20 National Inside Sales Reps. We grew 120% our first year with her on board and found her to be extremely beneficial.
Kevin Ford, Former District Sales Manager, Lonesource & Director of Sales at Campus Special

"…From day one, Marisa and the Methods in Motion team took charge, trained with confidence, and provided excellent support throughout out the entire campaign. We went from selling $0 to $400,000 in a matter of weeks. …I highly recommend Methods in Motion to anyone who is looking to start an inside sales team or retrain an existing one. …I can say with confidence that we will be using their services for years to come."
Chau Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer, Campus Special

“Methods in Motion successfully facilitated the implementation of the "Prospect Management System" with our Sales Management team and Account Managers. This system has created an excellent opportunity for quality reviews and helped create a more focused Sales Team. Our team found out quickly, the system works. It is easy to manage and sales do increase which equates to increased income."
Roland Dyck, VP and General Manager, Schilling Supply Company 

“Hiring Methods in Motion to work with your Sales Organization could be all that stands between your business reaching the next level of success. That was certainly the case with my experience in working with them. Methods in Motion is an absolute professional organization who flat out knows how to coach Sales Professionals to increase their effectiveness. Over the 8 year span that Methods in Motion worked for our organization, they truly integrated themself into our corporate culture and became an invaluable member of our leadership team...They were also integral in helping us recruit good talent, train those new hires, and maintain ongoing skill development for our veteran sales professionals. I highly and confidently endorse Methods in Motion.”
Brian Rossi, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Lonesource

“We found Methods in Motion to be EXCELLENT in working with our staff to create a sales process. From cold call to contract, Marisa developed a plan that works specifically for us. She got to know us; where we are now and where we want to be. I wanted to determine metrics of how many calls per hour can a cold call person do, how many touches and how many call backs. I was able to see significant improvement in my sales staff, in my overall sales process and in our results after using Methods in Motion. Marisa came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed."
Fran Karp, A.L.E.N.

"I wanted to take a moment to give an update on the results of the Methods in Motion training in January.  Not only has our rookie team gained strategies and insights around opening new accounts but also our senior reps/rookie coaches….Our rookies have opened approximately 130 new accounts since your training which is a significant increase.  Thank you for working with our team, we are looking forward to working with you again at the end of this month."
Janet vonKohn, Director of Rookie Sales, Pro Chem, Inc.

“I have been a long term advocate of the strategies Methods in Motion is dedicated to helping companies learn in order to improve sales results. They have the advantage of having chosen sound strategies and processes that work for all types of organizations, plus having the ability to assess, teach, lead, and motivate those exposed to their training. In short, it works, they work, and I'd not hesitate to bring them into another setting were I to be in one where I see needs in their area of expertise.”
Rodney Holland, Vice President of Sales, McPherson Oil