Methods In Motion
What is Methods in Motion?

Methods in Motion uses dynamic, interactive, face-to-face training workshops to help sales teams implement and sustain measurable improvements in the most critical aspects of sales.   All of our workshops are custom tailored to our customers’ everyday sales environments and are supported by follow-through to ensure successful implementation and accountability.

Methods in Motion’s training techniques are proven and consistent. We spend as much time as you need to make sure the techniques we teach are understood. 

Additionally, to reinforce what participants learn in workshops, Methods in Motion offers a proprietary eLearning called MOST. MOST (Multimedia Ongoing Skills Training) divides up the content delivered in live workshops and pushes it out to sales organizations on a weekly basis via Five-minute “Watch at Work” video podcasts and email reinforcements.

Methods in Motion Offers...

A total approach including getting in the door, managing prospects, monitoring selling activities, and executing the sales process. You can pick and choose the training your sales staff will benefit from the most.
A scalable training solution easing the hiring and on-boarding process.
Proven field-tested success with major corporations.
Programs based on real world experience and success. We use the selling techniques ourselves to generate and manage our own businesses. ______________________________________________________
Inside Sales Team development designed to help companies establish an inside sales force.
A pragmatic, not esoteric, approach that works in the real world and doesn't require extensive analysis.
A proven record of turning under-performers into mid-level or top-level performers.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We found Methods in Motion to be excellent in working with our staff to create a sales process…. I was able to see significant improvement in my sales staff, in my overall sales process and in our results after using Methods in Motion.”  — A.L.E.N.
“Hiring Methods in Motion to work with your Sales Organization could be all that stands between your business reaching the next level of success.”
"Professional, effective, experienced - three words that quickly come to mind when I think about Marisa.  Our "sales engine" is significantly better because of her and I continue to seek her input and expertise to enhance our efforts.  If you are looking to jump start your sales engines you would do well to use her." — Corporate Business Solutions
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